Our Commitment

At Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters our company mantra is to "Make It Happen." We take pride in thinking outside the box to make the most of your event. Our mantra is woven through our entire company for your complete satisfaction, and it is our dedication to that goal that drives us to "Make It Happen" for each and every customer.

We believe a charter is an empty canvas aching to come to life through the skillful touch of an artist's brush. Our artists are the charter consultants. Their understanding of our vessels and our company are significant in planning and coordinating an ideal event for you.

We truly want all of our events and charters to become cherished memories for the entire group. In order to reach this level of customer service and long-term appreciation, Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters relies completely on our company's key characteristics: flexibility, creativity and versatility.


Flexibility is our main objective, in which saying "no" is virtually unacceptable unless we are offering exciting alternatives. This allows our clients to feel comfortable communicating any ideas during the coordinating process. Situations constantly change and new opportunities arise, making a sense of adaptability a necessary character trait in our corporate culture. It should be noted that South Florida sits in the middle of an active hurricane zone and our company must be flexible to survive. That means that we are accustomed to thinking on our feet, so to speak, to offer our clients nothing but the finest and most personalized charter experience.


Creativity is our main goal. Each event on our boat requires creative thinking in the planning process to customize each event to the client's tastes. Planning a Mardi Gras costume party for your closest friends? Biscayne Lady's creative consultants can decorate the yacht like a Mississippi river boat and offer Mardi Gras party favors. Want to host a memorable company party that's also good business? For corporate clients, Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters can help maximize your visibility during area signature events. For example, the Seminole Hard Rock Café wanted to decorate The Biscayne Lady with their name and logo spread over the entire yacht for the Fort Lauderdale boat parade, an effort that was rewarded when they won Best Boat in the competition. Our company must be creative to succeed and be willing to help stimulate new and fresh ideas.


Versatility is the driving force to make all the events possible. We have the access and resources to implement each event through a versatile staff and company. We have many boats to utilize and a cross-trained staff to help handle any situation. For example, most of our managers are captains and we have multiple captains and managers on duty at all times. We also have our own trained staff available that can be called to duty with very little advance notice, usually making that surprise charter possible seemingly at the last minute. In today's changing economy, versatility is all-important.

Our goals are simply to be flexible in working with our clients, creative in helping plan a memorable charter and versatile in the implementation of a smooth and satisfying event. Your charter is important and valued by our company and we strive to think ahead to your third and fourth charter instead of the first. It is our dedication to inspiring repeat business that has taken us to the pinnacle in our industry.

Examples of "Make it Happen"

Short Notice

We received a phone call from a well-known hotel in Miami. They were working with another charter company that failed to provide them with a yacht and all the amenities. They phoned Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters and asked if we could have a yacht available…within an hour! Without hesitation the owner of the company began orchestrating the coordination of the charter. Within 30 minutes, he had verified to the company that our Island Lady boat would be available to do the charter as long as they gave him an extra 30 minutes.

The entire process included cleaning the vessel, calling in the entire staff of 5 employees - 1 captain, 1 bartender, 2 servers and a DJ - and the preparation of food. Such rapid preparations are unheard of in the yachting industry. Nevertheless, in a matter of an hour-and-a-half, we were on the water and the hotel's staff was enjoying their corporate charter. How did this come to fruition? We simply needed to "Make it Happen," and that's just what we did.

Menu Flexibility

Another example of our dedication to "Make It Happen" occurred during a private charter for a well-known tourist destination in Orlando. The client requested to change our entire menu to their liking. In our industry, changing a preset, chef-planned menu is uncommon at best. But this famous company sought out Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters because they were informed that our company would work with them on this special request, and they weren't disappointed. We created entirely new menus according to their needs.

Our companies worked closely together sharing ideas. In the end, they were impressed that we were willing to work with them on creating these special menus rather than making excuses about "how we do things." To us, this was just part of everyday business and going the extra step to "Make it Happen."


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