Themed Charters

Corporate Event
Corporate Event


In creating themes, the boat becomes bare and the designer or organizer can add props and décor creating a theme. In order to make this possible, our company must first remove everything on the yacht, including chairs, furniture, couches, etc. This process is time-consuming and labor-intensive; nevertheless, this is a commitment that we’ve made to allow theme cruises.

Creativity is the key to planning a great themed charter. By allowing clients to create their own signature event, our ship is a fresh canvas for each client to re-imagine. One company chose a James Bond theme. They decorated the entire boat and had a Bond look-alike drop down from a helicopter to make a grand entrance on to our vessel.

There is only one company in South Florida that will completely gut their boats in order for someone else to create a theme. Only Biscayne Lady is so committed to making your dream theme a reality.

Flavor of Miami

Miami is known around the world as The Magic City, the world’s playground, and visitors are usually seeking a certain flavor when planning an event in our town. Miami is filled an exotic mix of cultures, an exciting newness and cutting edge architecture that draws young people from all over the world. Water surrounds and engulfs everything, creating an environment where metropolitan cityscapes and lush tropical landscapes live side by side. The rich and famous live and vacation here year-round, and images of Miami are seen worldwide in movies, TV programs, sporting events, award shows and music videos.

Our yachts completely reflect the flavor of Miami. Our yachts are new and sleek, our staff is energetic, and our water-themed events showcase the gorgeous scenery associated with Miami all over the world.

Team Building

Team building activities are stimulating problem-solving tasks designed to help group members develop their capacity to work effectively together. They are often used in meetings, presentations, workshops, training seminars, education programs, and corporate training. Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters has many different boats to host these educational activities. We are open to help develop activities or simply supply the venue.

Motivational Speaking

Motivational speakers and seminars are ideal on a private yacht navigating the blue waters surrounding Miami. Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters can help coordinate and supply a list of motivational speakers, or we can simply supply the venue. Either way, having the event on the water heightens the function from the start and often proves highly stimulating and motivational to attendees.

Holiday Package

Deck the hulls with mistletoe and menorahs, or just cover ever inch of our yacht in twinkling lights. This year, plan on a holiday package and liven up the yacht with decorations matching your favorite holiday. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Ramadan, the holidays are always a great opportunity to turn our yacht into a floating seasonal confection.

Product Launches

New products and services are launched every day. Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters has partnered with a variety of clients and industries to facilitate the launch of new products and services. Product launches may take many forms, including business meetings, launch or product reveals, product trials for the sales force and employees, media events, training sessions and incentives. Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters provides the venue and expertise to achieve our clients’ objectives and can help to make your next launch a memorable success.


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